Infrastructure Program Management Checklist

Administrating and managing complex infrastructure programs can be daunting. Find out if you are checking all of the boxes for success with our comprehensive checklist.


Checklist 1

Fund Sourcing & Strategic Alignment

With our communities in such dire needs of infrastructure modernization, there is no shortage of infrastructure projects in need of funding. The infrastructure program management journey starts with identifying, securing, and aligning funds with your portfolio of infrastructure projects.

Have you identified all of your grant and loan options?


With ARPA, IIJA, IRA, and numerous other Federal funding sources, it is important to identify and track grant and loan availability across a wide array of programs. Build your library of funds and determine the actions necessary to secure those funds.


Have you written and submitted your application for funding?


With the array of funding sources, assemble your team to apply for funding. When possible utilize personnel experienced in successfully applying for funds to maximize grant success. Supplement internal personnel with experienced outsiders when necessary to maximize funding success.


Have you aligned funding sources to priority projects?


Develop your plan on how to best align funds to your portfolio of projects. This often means aligning fund availability and capital structure with development timelines.


Are you aware of the time horizon for each funding source?


Your program funding approach should be right-sized to address the time horizon and scale necessary to achieve infrastructure goals. Careful planning is required to ensure program capital is sufficient throughout the developemnt lifecyle of funded projects.


Are you aware of local share requirements for each source of funding?


A complex portfolio of funding sources might require sophisticated management of local funding shares in order to avoid potential clawbacks. Make sure your organization has experienced resources to do the project finance modeling necessary to ensure compliance.


Does your organization have prior experience with each program/funding source?


The saying "Experience is the Best Teacher" is definitely true when it comes to how efficiently and successfully an agency of municipality is in securing infrastructure funding. Consider supplementing your team with resources experienced in obtaining funds from each source. You might find the return to be far more than the cost.



I have confidence that I have maximized funding sources and aligned them to my project portfolio.


Excellent. You appear to have a strong handle on the funds needed to support your infrastructure program. You're ready for program design.


CohnReznick can help you make sure you haven't missed a key funding opportunity and that you've allocated available funds to the projects optimized for them.